Turn the page: Amazon bookstores mean retailers must focus on CX

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Turn the page: Amazon bookstores mean retailers must focus on CX

Автор: Rita Shapiro-Das

With it’s massive customer base and following, Amazon has changed the way consumers shop. According to Business Insider, there are roughly 85 million Amazon Prime subscribers, meaning over 85 million people choose to shop in the e-commerce landscape versus a physical store. Amazon succeeded in the online world, and now is moving to brick and mortar with grocery and their Amazon Bookstores, which are popping up across the country. This shift is very interesting and almost backwards compared to other companies, specifically in retail. Now that everything is digital, companies are moving from the brick and mortar presence to online, with some even failing in the physical world.

More and more companies are growing their e-commerce sites and creating apps to stay ahead of the game and keep up with customer demands. Amazon, on the other hand, is moving to brick and mortar. Amazon has paved the way in the e-commerce retail world, but are they moving backwards, or once again changing the way people shop?

Not your mother’s bookstore

I’ve never been to any physical Amazon locations, so I decided to try the Amazon Bookstore last weekend. Since launching in May of 2017, there are now 11 locations around the country, including San Diego, San Jose, New York, and New Jersey. Upon arrival, it looked like a typical bookstore, selling a variety of books, as well as some other items sold on Amazon, like candles. The books were categorized the same as in any bookstore: Fiction on one side, best sellers in the front of the store, children’s books in the back. Below every book there was a customer review and a barcode, not a price.

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